Bradley Walker video online

Bradley WalkerThis morning I was surfing around the net and discovered that Rounder Records has a video online about Bradley Walker. They’re calling it an ecard, but it’s more like a mini-documentary. It contains some obvious promotional elements, but that’s ok. It also features some great background info, pictures, old video footage, and comments from other artists and producers. Of course it centers around Bradley himself so you get to hear him talk about where he grew up and what his dreams are for the future, and of course, you get to hear him sing. In fact, it starts out with him sitting on a front porch and singing with no accompaniment.

If, like me, you are a fan of Bradley’s music, then the video is worth the time it takes to download it. It’s available in Windows Media and Realplayer formats, sadly no Quicktime version is available. I was able to open the WM version in QT and give it a watch. It is a 30 MB download so be prepared for it.

I should note that I discovered the video thanks to Craig over at String Theory Media. He produced the piece for Rounder and blogged about it recently.

Watch it.