Boston Bluegrass Union launches COVID-19 relief fund

The city of Boston hasn’t suffered as badly as the New York/New Jersey region from the virus that struck the US in March, but they have been dealt a serious blow from which they are slowly recovering.

Seeing the impact the complete cancellation of live music events in the area has had on independent artists, the Boston Bluegrass Union has stepped up to offer assistance by launching the BBU’s COVID-19 MUSE Fund for bluegrass musicians in the northeastern US. To start things off, they have made a $10,000 donation, with another $10,000 to match additional contributions up to that amount. The Board of BBU asks those who have weathered the virus in good shape to consider donating to help the fund. Submissions can be made online.

Anyone who makes part of their living as a bluegrass performer in the northeast is eligible to apply for $500 grants, based on need. These grants are also offered to music teachers, luthiers, concert promoters, audio engineers, broadcasters, and anyone else who works in the bluegrass community.

An online application is available to submit a grant request, and any information supplied will be held in strict confidence.

A first round of grants closes on May 17, with a second round opening May 28, running through June 7.

For the purposes of these grants, BBU defines the northeast as residents in the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, or Rhode Island.

Full details for grant submissions is available on the BBU web site, as is a form for donations to the fund.

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