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Bobby StarnesThis past September we reported on prominent bluegrass songwriter, publisher, and studio owner Bobby Starnes suffering serious injury after tumbling down the stairs in his Kingsport, TN home. The fall caused several broken bones, but of most concern to his friends and family was the fractured skull with brain bleeding that the doctors found when he was rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, it appears that Starnes has enjoyed a nearly complete recovery, returning to his active work schedule with only the loss of his senses of taste and smell, and some residual hearing loss remaining from the injuries he sustained.

Today in a statement to those concerned about his progress, Bobby shared this update:

“I have my balance back but I am still a little wooble headed. If I shake my head from side to side it still feels like my brain is a little loose in there but then again some people think my brain has always been a little loose.

I still have no taste or smell and I’m really okay with that. This is a lot more common then most people think. It’s kind of amazing what I can eat now that I couldn’t before. Like celery, I used to hate celery. Now it just taste like water. I probably eat more spicy foods now because I can feel the burn and at least that is something. I do miss the smell of bacon though. My only concern is the things I can’t smell like smoke or natural gas. That could be dangerous.

I have my new hearing aids and I love them!!!! They are so awesome. My right ear is still about 90% deaf and the new hearing aids probably only brings that ear up to about 50% but my left ear that is about 50% deaf, the hearing aids brings that ear up to about 100%! They also have bluetooth built into them so I can connect to anything bluetooth and they become ear buds. A really cool feature.

Overall I would estimate that I am about 90-95% back to normal. I may never get back to 100% normal but who is? February 12th marked 5 months and from where I was to where I am and I couldn’t be more pleased.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent up a prayer for me. The first couple of weeks were a little scary for all my friends and family (not scary for me because I was highly medicated) but I truly believe that the good Lord is not finished with me yet! I love you all.”

Well done, Bobby Starnes!

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