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Bobby OsborneAt a time when most artists are slowing down a bit, bluegrass balladeer Bobby Osborne is still out there working and trying new things. Now 84 years old, Osborne has announced that he has started a crowd funding campaign with PledgeMusic to allows all his many fans, friends, and students to be a part of the production of his next album.

Partnering as well with Compass Records and the Freshgrass Foundation, this next project will be produced by Alison Brown at the Compass Sound Studios in Nashville. Fans have the option of supporting the project financially, with Freshgrass agreeing to match what is raised via PledgeMusic with a grant from their foundation.

Given Bobby’s unique status in bluegrass music after more than 60 years in the business, the premium items offered to those who pledge support for this record are varied and individualized. Supporters can receive anything from a special Bobby Osborne Hatch Show Print to mandolin strings, Skype lessons, autographed CDs, up to a Bobby Osborne signature Bryan England mandolin or a private concert.

Bobby says that the crowd funding platform is a lot like the way things were when he launched his career in 1949.

“It reminds me of the fan clubs we used to have when we started. Fans are why we make the music, and I’ve always tried to interact with fans and listeners whenever I can.”

The PledgeMusic campaign will be open for the next 60 days, and the folks at Compass expect to have the album to market by early in 2017.

For Alison Brown, a top level musician in her own right, this chance to work with a true legend will be a real treat.

Alison Brown“One of the things that the bluegrass community does really well is to honor its elders. Bobby Osborne played a pivotal role in shaping the genre in its early days both through the classic songs he brought to the music like Rocky Top as well as through the spirit of creativity and innovation that characterized the Osborne Brothers’ sound. Although he’s in his 7th decade as a recording artist, Bobby still has a lot to say musically. I’m delighted to be a part of an effort that will expand his recorded catalog and bring some new Bobby Osborne music to his fans.”

You can visit the Bobby Osborne PledgeMusic page to learn about all the premium options available, and make your own contribution to what is expected to be an epic recording project.

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