Bluegrassmix.comIf you’ve read about such award winning bluegrass radio programs as Cindy Baucom’s Knee-Deep In Bluegrass or Terry Herd’s Into The Blue, but couldn’t find them on a local station near you, offers the solution. is a 24/7 streaming internet radio station that plays bluegrass and old traditional country music. They’ve just announced that these two award winning shows will now be included in their lineup.

We are so proud AND honored to annouce that Nationally known DJ’s, Cindy Baucom and Terry Herd, will be added to our broadcasting line-up!!!

Cindy Baucom’s Knee Deep in Bluegrass is scheduled to air on Wednesday nights 10 pm – 12 midnight EST.

Terry Herd’s Into the Blue is scheduled to air on Sunday mornings 9am – 12 noon EST.

The site/station was started in December of 2007 by Roger Randolph and Julie Raye. The two have many ideas and goals, adding these syndicated shows to the lineup was one of those goals.

So visit and tune in to some great bluegrass 24/7.