Bluegrass stickers for your iPhone from Libby Lindblom

Libby Lindblom is the 19 year old guitarist with her family’s bluegrass band, Lindblom Family Music, in the Savannah, GA area. A recent high school graduate, Libby had been looking for a new project to earn some extra income in addition to what she makes with the band. And she has come up with a terrific product that all bluegrass lovers with iPhones will appreciate.

Bluegrass Music Stickers is available in Apple’s App Store for $1.99, offering 90 color stickers for use in the Messenger text app. Once you install the app, they will appear among the emoji options in your text window, allowing you to insert instrument icons and a number of bluegrass-related sayings into any of your texts.

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad, giving you the ability to reply with a “Playing my banjo” sticker, with a little banjo image, when your friends text asking what you are doing. Other stickers say “Wanna Jam?” or “All tuned up,” along with several shaped like a guitar pick. All the common bluegrass instruments are included, along with a microphone for singers.

Libby drew all these graphics on her iPad, and says that she thinks it fills a void in the iPhone market.

“I’ve always loved to draw, so when Apple came out with iMessage sticker apps a few years ago, I got the idea that this was something I could do! I made a couple different sticker apps and had fun with them, but one thing I always wanted was some good music stickers. I felt like that was really missing on the App Store. I thought bluegrass band members, and all bluegrass fans, would really like having some stickers that said fun things like ‘Let’s jam’ and ‘See you at the show.’ So, I decided several months ago to make them myself!

I created the whole app myself using my iPad, from the drawing to the designing and developing. Making sticker apps has been a fun, creative way for me to have my own business since I graduated from high school last year. I’ve been able to make a little money, provide people with great stickers to use, and have fun drawing – one of my favorite hobbies besides playing bluegrass!”

Libby learned to play bluegrass along with her 3 oldest siblings when their parents decided it would be a fun family project. Mom and dad (Jon and Marina) were professional classical musicians who worked together in the symphony, and thought that their children would enjoy learning to play music together. Luke is the oldest at 20, and plays resonator guitar, sister Lucy at 17 is on mandolin, and 15 year old Timothy is on banjo.

The band is now up to 11, with the 9 Lindblom children and their parents, though the very youngest are just getting started with music. Mom is on fiddle and Dad on bass, with Linus, Logan, Liam, Levi, and Leo giving the different instruments a try.

The older kids have become quite accomplished, and mom and dad are already pros, as you can see in this video of them performing Clinch Mountain Backstep.

Congratulations, Libby, for following through on your idea for a bluegrass sticker app! You can find full details online.

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