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Amos Hopkins and Katy Graves are a pair of educators, artists and committed bluegrass music supporters from Cincinnati, OH. Both were raised by families who played bluegrass, and with an appreciation for the unique culture and musical artistry of the Appalachian region of the United States.

Teaming with The Urban Appalachian Council, Amos and Katy have launched an ambitious project to raise funds to make bluegrass and traditional string instruments and lessons available to impoverished young people in the OH, KY and WV area. Their new endeavor is called the Bluegrass Music Trail Project, and they will fund the project through a “hike-a-thon” with pledges made online via PayPal.

And what a hike it is they have planned! The pair will walk the length of the Appalachian Trail, a total of over 2100 miles, to both raise funds through pledges, and awareness of the needs of the rural poor in this region and the importance of their bluegrass education efforts through interviews and media opportunities along the way. Their walk began earlier this week, and will take fully six months to complete.

Pledges can be made as either a one time flat donation, or in the traditional “pledge per mile” form commonly used in walk-a-thon types of fundraisers. Find all the pledge and donation info here.

If any media outlets are interested in interviewing Amos and Katy when their hike comes into their part of the trail, you can contact Maureen Sullivan with the UAC, or Amos Hopkins by email. Amos will check email from libraries as he is able along the trail, and respond as quickly as he is able.

Amos is also writing a journal of their hike, which will both be published on the UAC site, and here on Bluegrass Today. How often he can send updates is uncertain, but we will post the first few installments on Friday, and further entries as we receive them.

Best of luck to these fine folks who are dedicating so much of their young lives to helping children and the music we all love so well.

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