Bluegrass in the Night

This post is a contribution from Terri Holloway, one of our 2010 IBMA correspondents. See her profile here.

Rodney Dillard & BandIBMA’s World of Bluegrass isn’t just one of those business conferences that goes from 8am to 5pm. This one actually begins much later in the morning (although there are a few “gatherings” beginning as early as 8:30), and continues into the night (and sometimes into the next morning – albeit early in the morning).

One of these “after hours” functions held last night was hosted by Rural Rhythm Records. Beginning immediately after Sam Bush’s keynote conference address (posted below) This showcase featured five of the labels’ bands, all with projects either just released or about to be.

The highlight of this evening soiree was the Rodney Dillard Band. 68 year old Rodney Dillard is, perhaps, best known to the world as one of the Darling Boys from that early ’60’s iconic television program, The Andy Griffith Show. While the program ended a generation ago, it continues to live on in perpetual reruns (with one satellite station presently running 50 Days of Andy) introducing this band, and bluegrass, to a younger crowd

Rodney Dillard BandRodney doesn’t disappoint. Last night’s show featured some old favorites from the show, including Dooley and There is a Time (although Charlene always sang a bit prettier), as well as a very tongue in cheek ode to rural development titled, There Goes the Neighborhood.

This last title will be available on the bands newest release, I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry, available today. Timing being everything, what better place to release a new bluegrass album from an old favorite than at the industry’s annual get-together?

And, yes, Rodney didn’t disappoint. He opened his show with “the look,” ’cause you know, Briscoe always said that “They’s all keyed up.”