Bluegrass Hotel to reschedule

The Bluegrass HotelFollowing yesterday’s (3/17) cancellation announcement from The Bluegrass Hotel, the promoters are indicating that the concert originally scheduled for March 20 will instead be held at a later date.

The new date should be announced soon, with the rescheduled show likely to be held this Fall.

The reasons given for the postponement are as follows:

Due to recent issues involving filming schedules, and a high risk assessment of civil disorder at the venue caused by some fans of Sam Bush who are upset that he removed himself from the line-up, The Bluegrass Hotel concert & festival is being re-scheduled for a fall 2009 concert to coincide with the broadcast of the film on PBS Television and the release of a DVD and Coffee Table Book at retail locations.

Refunds for the 3/20 show can be obtained through Ticketweb.

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  • aburtch

    Civil disorder caused by Sam Bush fans? I thought that’s what a normal Sam Bush show was!

  • americanaproud

    In my book, the more these promoters try to blame Sam Bush for their problems concerning this show, the less credibility they are going to receive the whole way around. Seeing as how other big names started to back out as well, the ones pointing the finger at Sam, better start to look at the fingers pointing back at them.

  • A.J. Fuller

    The promoter needs to lay off all the “Bush Bashing” – it seems pretty clear when even the benefactor of the funds to be raised needs to issue a statement distancing themselves from you, you may have dug a big enough credibility hole already.

    Sad really, as both the idea and the cause are certainly worthy.