Bluegrass Grammy winners for 2018

As has been their custom, the Grammy awards for bluegrass and Americana artists and recordings were announced this afternoon, the infamous “announced earlier in the day” portion of the proceedings that is sometimes referenced during the televised evening program. Like the participants in jazz, Gospel, blues, reggae, Latin, and roots music, we in the bluegrass world are grateful to be included in this annual celebration, and cherish the awards as completely as any other genre.

Officially billed as the 2018 Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony, the afternoon show distributes more than 6 dozen awards, and moves quickly through the  categories to get them all in. Sometimes it feels a bit disrespectful to the extremely talented artists being recognized, but with so many awards to go through, it is perhaps inevitable.

And the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album goes to (a tie!):

  • Laws Of Gravity – The Infamous Stringdusters
  • All The Rage – In Concert Volume One [Live] – Rhonda Vincent And The Rage

Congratulations, and well done!

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  • Pj Williams

    I would like to see more diversity in the main show instead of all RAP and Hip Hop. I believe that performances by some of these other bands would help decrease the separations of peoples in America if people would get to see great bands like the Infamous Stringdusters performing on the TV during the awards show.

    • Yvonne Frey Schwartz

      Yes that would be a great idea. It is always a good idea to expand ones horizons. It could create new fans as well

  • Ol’ Blue

    No way could you have room for Bluegrass artists. I mean, these are REAL artists. Couldn’t possibly NOT recognize the Rap thug drug dealers. THAT would be racist.

    • Mitchell Reynolds

      Sell 4 million records and you can be performing on the Grammys. Face it. Bluegrass is a niche music. Just like jazz and blues and Cajun.

      • Yvonne Frey Schwartz

        If more people were exposed to Bluegrass, jazz or blues and even Cajun they may no longer be what you call niche music. Especially with schools deleting the arts programs many people will never hear other types of music and be exposed. I would like to see more variety of styles/genres

        • Mitchell Reynolds

          There are awards for all those categories. It’s not a matter of exposure. It’s all about fashion and mass marketing.

          • Yvonne Frey Schwartz

            I know that

          • Mitchell Reynolds

            Are you going to shell out that miney? Bluegrass fans are notoriously cheap.

    • Yvonne Frey Schwartz

      I don’t understand your post. It sounds rather hateful and possibly misinformed. Is it meant tongue in check?

      • Mitchell Reynolds

        No. He really is that troll.