Bluegrass at The Woodbine Opry

Following bluegrass festivals around the country can take one to interesting places. One such place is the Woodbine Opry in Woodbine, Georgia. We “discovered” the Opry in 2015 and have made it an annual stop.

The Woodbine Opry is open on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday is bluegrass and acoustic night. Saturday is country night and has electric instruments. The Opry has been in operation for 18 years and is the longest running weekly venue in Georgia.

The show is held in a school that has been converted to the community center. The building and show are supported through raffles of all manner of goodies – from cakes to a sack of potatoes!

This past Friday saw a big crowd entertained by a lot of musicians. One gentleman was celebrating his 88th birthday, and sang with his daughter. When one fellow sang Mama Don’t Allow, the range of instruments went from banjo to kazoo!

Woodbine is about 15 miles north of the Florida line on I-95. I would recommend stopping there on any Friday or Saturday that you are in the area. You will be treated like family, well entertained, and you might take home a cake!

And if you don’t behave Hoyt just might get out the hook!