Bluegrass artists to IBMA voters… Me, Me, Me!

The 2009 IBMA AwardsThe first round ballots have been mailed to voting members of the International Bluegrass Music Association, and judging from the email we have been receiving, each and every artist currently recording and performing bluegrass music would appreciate your vote.

Now I enjoy the IBMA Awards season as much as anyone. The mystery, the intrigue, the gala luncheons…

I’m just not sure that the aggressive lobbying for votes we see these days is the most attractive element of the annual voting process.

Just sayin’…

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John Lawless

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  • To be perfectly honest, this is the only time during the balloting when I think it’s tolerable. It’s a write-in ballot at the first stage, and I know I can’t think of everyone I want to put in if/when I sit down to do it.

    By the time the next two ballots come out, quite frankly I find the whole “for your consideration” thing insulting – as if I’d check the boxes next to the names on the ballot with giving consideration to them.

    While I appreciate the reminders before the first ballot, I’m insulted by the assumption that I’m too dumb or lazy to actually read the names printed on the next two.

  • Hear, hear. To add insult to injury, for some reason IBMA has two email addresses listed for me and I receive every email twice. I’m also with Archie on this. It’s not as bad in the beginning when I’m trying to figure out who to write in. But after the first round, I can manage to check a box without all the “for your consideration” nonsense. I will admit that unfortunately, I have a tendency to look unfavorably on the most aggressive campaigners when it comes time to vote.