Blue Highways TV goes broadband *UPDATE*

BlueHighways TVAs reported earlier this morning, BlueHighways TV has gone broadband, cutting a deal with Narrowstep to deliver content online. At the time that post was published the BlueHighways TV website had not been updated with the Narrowstep information. It has now.

Just visit their homepage and click on the Narrowstep or BHTV-Virtual logos right in the middle of the top portion of the page. You’ll be taken strait to the channel player. I’m watching it right now while I type this post. The footage is of great quality, I’m on a Mac so the video opened in Quicktime and I was able to watch it full screen. It began streaming immediately and I was watching it within 10 seconds with not one stutter or hesitation, very impressive. I think the video is provided in WMV format for Windows users.

I’m watching Reno’s Old Time Music Festival now, but the other content they provide will be of interest to some in the bluegrass community I’m sure.

TV on the internet, and it’s bluegrass! I love it.