Blog Author in Top 50 list

WNCW 88.7 FM in NC has posted the results of their online voting for the best releases of 2006. The results take the form of Top 100 Lists starting with a comprehensive list and then broken out into genre specific lists. The Bluegrass list is the better part of the way down the page. It contains only the top 50 releases in the bluegrass genre.

Our very own John Lawless appears on the list at #38. The release is On a Farm from the band of which he’s a part, Acoustic Endeavors.

Congrats John!

  • I’ve always said John was much more than just a tab guru, but I was pleasantly surprised to see John’s mention on the WNCW-FM ‘Top 50’ list.

    Often overlooked as a banjo player because of his nearly obsessive focus on things AcuTab, John’s banjo playing is clean, economical, and creative. As a player and performer, John can hold his own with the BEST in the banjo world.

    Congrats John!!

  • David Conner

    WOW! Congrats John and Acoustic Endeavors! What a great CD “On A Farm” is. Wonderful singing and great musicianship!

  • Thanks, guys.

    That was a surprise and a treat to find On A Farm on the WNCW Top 50 list. Thanks to Dennis Jones for including us in his rotation on Goin’ Across The Mountain.

    On another Acoustic Endeavors-related note: All three of our CDs are now available in the iTunes Music Store, including our 2000 EP/CD, Sneak Preview which had been out of print for some time.