Blessed Every Day – Jeremiah Gilmer

Young Richmond, VA musical prodigy Jeremiah Gilmer has released an all gospel Appalachian-style worship album, Blessed Every Day. The project features 12 songs; seven originals penned by Gilmer (including the title track), four traditional songs, and one Don Reno number, and which includes an impressive list of guest musicians and vocalists.

Gilmer says he’s been planning this project for a while.

“I got the idea two years ago to do a gospel album. I had released some secular music and I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve always loved bluegrass gospel. It’s always meant a lot to me.

I grew up in church playing bluegrass gospel and enjoyed the works of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, the Isaacs, and Kenny & Amanda Smith growing up.”

The multi-instrumentalist shared his vision for Blessed Every Day.

“I started writing some material in 2021. I knew that I wanted to get people to help me on the album. I didn’t want it to be all me playing different instruments, so I play all the mandolin, guitar, and bass on the album. I reached out to a bunch of friends in the music and asked them if they wanted to be a part of it. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists that were generous enough to take the time to work on it.”

Appearing on Gilmer’s gospel project are Ron Stewart on fiddle, Josh Hicks-guitar, Eli Gilbert on banjo, and Caleb Cox on reso-guitar, with vocals (lead and harmonies) by Adam Miller, Troy Boone, Olivia Jo, Anthony Howell, Grayson Lane, John White, Logan Sutton, Jesse and Shannon Baker, and Johanna and Georgia Buggay. It was primarily recorded in the home studio of Denver Smith in Lynchburg, VA with some tracks completed in Gilmer’s own home studio.

“Denver helped me with the recording and the engineering side. We had played in bands together throughout the years. I did the producing. I organized everything, wrote the material, and sent chord charts out. I mixed it and Denver Smith mastered it. It was a lot of work.”

The talented 27-year-old does some studio work and performs locally, but has elected not to do the touring. Gilmer enjoys producing and writing new material. He is grateful and focused on the purpose of his project.

“I’m excited that I had so many people volunteer their time and skill. They did a great job. It is really satisfying as a songwriter when you write a song and hand the reins to someone else to play or sing it, and they just knock it out of the park. They helped make my musical ambitions come true.

All Christians have a sense to share testimony and share in discipleship. One of my ways is through music. I am active in my church and I play music in my church. This album is a way to share the gospel messaging through music to people that might not otherwise hear it. I think bluegrass gospel is a great way to do it.”

To order digital ($10) or hard copies ($15), visit Jeremiah online. The album is also available on all streaming platforms.

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