Big Wheels – new single from Authentic Unlimited

Big Wheels is the second single from Authentic Unlimited’s upcoming project, So Much for Forever, set to release March 29. It’s a red-hot addition to the canon of classic truck driving songs. 

Penned by none other than bass man Jerry Cole, this highway heartbreak song features heel-to-the-steel picking from the band, and shows off Jerry’s powerhouse lead vocals.

As Cole keeps time on bass and spins the story of a man dead-set on leaving his blues behind as fast and far as eighteen wheels can carry him, Eli Johnston and Jesse Brock fuel the song with perfectly placed banjo rolls and mandolin chops, Stephen Burwell and John Meador keep those big wheels rolling with fiery instrumental breaks on fiddle and guitar, and the outro lets off like the air brakes on a big rig. Authentic Unlimited has certainly captured that “lighting in a bottle” live performance energy and transferred it right into this recording. 

Cole describes the compelling narrative of the new single.

Big Wheels gives you a glimmer into the life of a young man who has just experienced his first ‘love-gone-wrong.’ To get away from the pain he feels, he hitches a ride with a trucker to get out of town. I’d like to think that the roaring of the tires against the road and the turbo screaming on that diesel engine was enough to drown out the pain of discovering his girl doesn’t love him anymore. Either way, his journey to anywhere but here has begun!”

Big Wheels is available from all major streaming platforms, and to broadcasters on AirPlay Direct

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