Béla Fleck at Carnegie Hall

Bela Fleck performs Rhapsody in Blue at Carnegie Hall (5/4/24) – photo © Jen Hughes

Béla Fleck’s Rhythm, Raga, and Rhapsody, May 4 at Carnegie Hall included performances from Bruce Hornsby, Zakir Hussein, Rhapsody in Blue, and My Bluegrass Heart.

What a fabulous show. I’ll remember this one for a long time. Everyone there will.

A few “reflecktions” that keep echoing throughout my mind:

  • The way Béla met Bruce Hornsby and dove deep together into the depths of The Way It Is, and danced with each other to bring it into a life of its own: a way it has never been played before. It was stunning. It sounded so good; I practically wept. So amazing to see two soul mates create before one’s very eyes — and with such a beautiful tune.
  • Similarly, with Zakir Hussein – a Béla brother from another mother. Those two have such a great connection; it just shines and resonates. When they were trading “riffs” with each other, it was so fun for the audience, but also jaw-dropping. Again, witnessing masters at work — but, also, at play because it appears they so enjoy playing with each other.
  • The clarinetist! For crying out-loud! What a find and such a great executed idea to have her play with you. She is cut from the same cloth — a rare thing! Her on Juno, in particular, was pure joy in action.
  • Rhapsody.  Rapt: the whole hall!
    • I knew I would love it. I had not seen it live before: just some pieces during some of Béla’s solos, never with a symphony. It was striking how much I loved hearing it live with a symphony. It was powerful, riveting, and perfectly delightful! 
    • And, absolutely masterful during the part where the symphony fell away and Béla played virtually all of their parts on his banjo alone. Literally breathtaking. Bravo.
    • Also, the talent of those Jacobsen brothers. And, how uplifting to see Edgar Meyer’s son in the orchestra. I suspect Béla has known him all his life. Sweet.
    • Awesome that Béla wore that jacket for the Rhapsody segment of the show. That jacket is the best.
  • My Bluegrass Heart.  I will never get enough of it. Legendary playing by all.
    • Slippery Eel. Whoa! I think I broke a sweat it was moving so fast. Béla slayed it.
    • Rhapsody in Blue(grass) was to die for. 
    • The ever-beautiful Big Country. The addition of Zakir’s percussion was phenomenal, and every time Michael Cleveland played the part that I always think of as when the angels sing or the eagles soar my heart skipped a few beats. 

Béla has shows and they are all excellent  — and always a treat for me. Then, Béla has SHOWS This was a SHOW. Absolutely epic. What a great showcase of some of the genres he has steeped himself in and the beauty he has created. And, also of the excellent like-minded folks he has found or identified along the way to collaborate with – and, in many instances, shared his spotlight with so they can be elevated.

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