Banjo the answer to stock market woes

A banjo marketCould picking the banjo be the answer to your investment concerns? Possibly.

Everyone, I’m guessing even bluegrass fans, who is invested in the market got a bit worried last week when things went topsy turvy. This morning I was browsing the internet and found a story on the UK site Investors Chronicle, suggesting that taking up the banjo might help ease your concerns.

The argument is, that if you had spent your free time last week practicing the banjo instead of watching the market, you could have looked at the market on Friday and not been all that worried. I just thought it was interesting that the author of the story chose the banjo as a good alternative to worrying about investments. And if you invested in a pre-war banjo, you could doubly enjoy your investment!

I know I should have spent more time practicing my guitar last week! Maybe I’ll take this guy’s advice.