Banjo bandits ransom ill-gotten goods?

We posted last Friday with a story out of Folsom, CA regarding a stolen banjo and how police were closing in on the bandits after they attempted to pawn it – and were captured on video surveillance cameras.

Yesterday’s Sacramento Bee reports that the banjo has been recovered, but suggests that the perpetrators may have successfully turned it in for the $10,000 reward.

Sacramento attorney Daniel A. Nicholson and Nicholson’s private investigator, Robert Dick, contacted [the banjo’s owner] Pollock over the weekend. They had acquired possession of the banjo somewhat mysteriously and wanted to basically ransom it back to its owner.

“I have it in the trunk of my car,” [Pollock investigator] Windle said. “I find the whole thing pretty distasteful. I feel that people should get a reward for returning found property but in this case the property was known to be stolen.”

Fortunately, the police have not stopped their investigation.

Folsom Police Detective Jon Lasater also confirmed that the banjo has been recovered. He said the case is not closed

Read the full story on The Sacramento Bee web site.

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