• Rob Ickes on Josh Graves

    We are pleased to publish another tribute to Uncle Josh Graves, this one from the 2006 IBMA Dobro Player of the Year, Rob Ickes. I was able to go to the service on Tuesday, and it was a really nice tribute

  • Bill Keith banjo workshop online

    The Banjo Lounge will be hosting an online banjo workshop with Bill Keith on Octber 17. The workshop will run from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. (EST), and will be facilitated by their voice chat system. The fee to participate is

  • IBMA Awards Show flap reverbrates

    A number of people have contacted us, asking about the controversy during last week's International Bluegrass Music Awards, or wondering why we haven't covered it on Bluegrass Today. Both Brance and I were at the show (live blogging backstage), and

  • Randy Kohrs on Uncle Josh

    Here is another remembrance of Uncle Josh Graves, who passsed away last Saturday (9/30) in Nashville after a long battle with a number of serious health concerns. It is from dobroist, and Graves devotee, Randy Kohrs. Upon hearing of Uncle Josh

  • Remembering Uncle Josh

    Over the next few days, we hope to publish a number of brief tributes to Josh Graves from resonator guitarists whose own music was shaped in part by Josh's. This first comes from Mike Auldridge: Josh Graves influenced my life beyond mere

  • Grand Masters winners posted

    The list of winners in the 2006 Grand Masters Fiddle Championship has been posted on the Grand Masters web site. The competition was held during the IBMA Fan Fest in the Renaissance Hotel ballroom, adjacent to the Nashville Convention Center

  • Heading home…

    Brance and I are getting ready to pack it in and put Music City in the rear view mirror. We had a blast here during IBMA week, though it may take several days to get our eating and sleeping schedules