• Bluegrass piece on DC local news

    Doug McElway is a popular television news anchor on WJLA, the ABC affiliate station in Washington, DC. He is also an accomplished bluegrass banjo player, a dedicated husband and father - and a daily reader of Bluegrass Today. This past Tuesday

  • Mountain Heart in Knoxville

    We've written a good bit recently about Mountain Heart's new vocalist, Josh Shilling, and the reaction to the band's new sound. Today's edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel has an interview with Mountain Heart mandolinist Adam Stefey about this very

  • The Duhks in ATT blue room

    The Duhks recently recorded a live set, complete with interviews, for AT&T blue room. Click on their photo on the blue room front page, or look in the Live Performances tab, upper left. They perform Out Of The Rain, Down To

  • Classic Mandolin Solos from Mel Bay

    Mel Bay has released Classic Bluegrass Solos for Mandolin, a collection of 22 transcriptions by Todd Collins. The thrust of this collection is the mandolin playing of Bill Monroe. The book contains a mix of kickoffs, turnarounds and solos from some

  • Aaron Tippin at work on a bluegrass CD

    The more, the merrier! That's my personal reaction each time there is news of another mainstream pop or country artist who dips a toe into the bluegrass realm. Some, like Merle Haggard, come to bluegrass as an artistic exercise late

  • Chord charts on your cell phone

    How convenient would it be to have a chord chart, metronome and pitch pipe available on your mobile phone? If the answer is, "quite, thank you very much," you'll be interested in Chord Genie, a cell phone application from British

  • Ernie Thacker back in the hospital

    We have posted many times over the past year about Ernie Thacker, and his battle to return home and to the stage after his serious auto accident in April 2006. Fortunately, most of the updates since them have been full

  • Birthplace of Country Music Alliance

    Students of the history of commercial country music in the United States have a special fondness for Bristol, TN and the story of the Bristol Sessions in 1927. It was in July of that year that Ralph Peer journeyed there

  • Andy Ruff to Wildfire

    Wildfire has announced that they have brought Andy Ruff into the group playing resonator guitar and singing both lead and harmony vocals. Andy has spent the past few years as a member of Karl Shifflet & The Big Country Show,