• IBMA Bluegrass in the Schools webinar

    First generation bluegrass pioneers regularly performed in schools, during an era when schoolhouses were the center of activity in communities. Such performances, however, were generally held in the evenings for audiences comprised of the general public. As educational programs and funding

  • Chronology – Lonesome River Band

    In their latest project, Chronology - Vol 1, the Lonesome River Band has undertaken a daunting task. The current edition of the band has chosen to mark LRB's 30th anniversary by re-recording a sample of material from its past catalogue.

  • Mike Lilly & Wendy Miller

    I recently had the great pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with one of the great banjo players of the 1970s and '80s (and now for that matter), Mike Lilly. He and Wendy Miller are forever joined in history as part

  • The Touch of Time

    With his recent CD, The Touch of Time, Bill Emerson and his Sweet Dixie bandmates add to a legacy he began over a half-century ago as a founding member of the Country Gentlemen. This new release from Rural Rhythm Records

  • SPBGMA: Jamming Heaven

    This past weekend at the Music City Sheraton in Nashville, TN, the Society for the Preservation of Blue Grass Music in America (SPBGMA, pronounced "spigma"), held its 38th Annual Convention & Awards. This convention is a multi-faceted event comprised of

  • Josh Williams saves the day

    Friday night at the Station Inn in Nashville, J. D. Crowe became ill and was unable to finish the show. According to New South guitarist Ricky Wasson, Crowe was recovering from a recent bout with pneumonia, and probably overexerted himself. Fortunately, consummate

  • Letters from Camp: Day 7

    Jim Gabehart is journaling his time at the Pete Wernick Dr. Banjo Advanced Banjo Camp this week. After the excitement of our concert night, the morning of our last day began quietly, with discussion and reflection on the prior night's performance. Travel schedules

  • Letters from Camp: Day 6

    Jim Gabehart is journaling his time at the Pete Wernick Dr. Banjo Advanced Banjo Camp this week. After a morning touching on several subjects, including tuning, use of capos, movable chords and chord substitutions, most of the day was spent in preparation for