• The Carter Family Fold

    This post is a contribution from Murphy Henry. Murphy is well know for her instructional method that uses no tab. Be sure to visit her site murphymethod.com to learn more about, and purchase, her teaching and instructional materials. I'm just

  • Serious threat to bluegrass? A rebuttal

    The following is a contribution from Kip Martin, a semi-regular guest contributor to Bluegrass Today. The views expressed are his, and are not necessarily those of the authors of Bluegrass Today. Commenting is enabled for all ViewPoint posts, so please

  • Earl Scruggs is a very funny man!

    This post is a contribution from Brad Davis. Brad is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and recording engineer who has worked with a literal who's-who of bluegrass music. Visit Brad online at braddavismusic.com. Several weekends ago, I was called to perform with

  • Wichita’s philosophy of bluegrass

    This post is a contribution from world renowned podcast celebrity Wichita Rutherford. Be sure to visit his site 5MinutesWithWichita.com to listen to his weekly podcast featuring interviews with bluegrass stars. Bluegrass is an important part of our lives. Some see it

  • How it come to be wrote: Some Day

    This post is a contribution from Tim Stafford, founding member of bluegrass supergroup Blue Highway, and a celebrated and sought-after songwriter and producer outside of the band. He was also a member of Alison Krauss & Union Station before the

  • Why I Love Christmas

    This post is a contribution from Cindy Baucom. Cindy hosts the syndicated radio show Knee Deep In Bluegrass. She is also the IBMA 2005 Bluegrass Broadcaster of the Year. When I think about some of my happiest memories, Christmas-time always comes

  • Bluegrass Christmas Memories

    This post is a contribution from Stephanie Dilling. Stephanie is the daughter of IIIrd Tyme Out banjoist Steve Dilling. She writes a monthly column for Bluegrass Now magazine. Check out Stephanie's website at sdilling.com. I was asked to write about a