• G-2 Opening for Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

    G-2 did indeed open for DL&Q. They were gracious enough to loan Jamie Dailey a guitar. When we arrived late in Stockholm from Dublin, we found all our bags had made it, but Jamie's guitar wasn't there. We went on

  • Hello from Germany

    Wow..what a nice way to connect everybody! I work as an booking agent and radio dj and among other exciting musical genres I promote Bluegrass music! Keep me updated on CDs and tours.

  • Banjo in Boston

    Hey Folks, Our group www.myspace.com/jumpinwilliebluegrass is in a real pickle and looking for a solid Banjo player to play upcoming shows. Can you all pass the word around and if you know of anybody please have them email us at

  • Brevard Music Festival

    The Brevard Music Festival took place on Saturday, September 16. Thanks to the hard work of Steep Canyon Ranger Woody Flatt and a good number of sponsors including WNCW, it appeared to go off without a hitch. We had really

  • Congratulations

    John and Brance - Congratulations on adding The B. I think you've opened a new option for folks to respond to the kind of news and commentrary you present as well as allowing those of us who wish to