Alison Krauss on cover of Verve

Alison Krauss  -  Photo Credit: Randee St. NicholasVerve is the print publication face of Carilion Health System. Carilion currently operates eight medical hospitals in Southwest Virginia.

Verve is published quarterly with articles on living better in Southwest Virginia. It’s a free publication available alongside the real estate brochures at the grocery store. Imagine my surprise last night, while exiting Wal-Mart, to see the face of Alison Krauss on the cover of the summer edition.

Sandwiched between two articles on water conservation, the Krauss article is a two page (three including one full page photo) spread that covers Alison’s biography, starting with her childhood, her recent popularity, her Grammy success, her producing efforts, and more. The article also includes single paragraph bios of each band member. The photos used in the article appear to be from the A Hundred Miles Or More photo shoot.

If you live in Southwest Virginia, you should pick up a copy and give it a read. Unfortunately, the Carilion website is still showing the Spring issue. Once the Summer issue is on the website, you’ll be able to read the article there.