Al Roker Lends A Hand to a Nashville music school

Al Roker Lends A HandThis last Thursday morning weatherman Al Roker of the Today Show was in Nashville for the Lend A Hand Today program he has been involved with for the last six years.

The charity benefiting was the W.O. Smith/Nashville Community Music School. The school is a nonprofit that provides instruction to interested children from low income families for only $0.50 per lesson. The school boasts a staff of 100 volunteer instructors from the community, and over 350 students between the ages of 7 and 18.

Donors for the show included the Gibson Foundation which provided several pianos, along with a slew of guitars, mandolins and banjos.

Video of the segment is available for viewing online at MSNBC’s website. Just scroll down to “Day 4” and click the “Launch” button.

Hat Tip: Katy Daley