AKUS tour with Tony Rice

Tony Rice and AKUSFor the months of April and May Alison Krauss and Union Station will be doing a number of dates with guitar legend, Tony Rice. When this was first announced it looked like it was limited to a very small number of shows, but it has now grown to a total of 11 dates during the two month period.

The performances on this tour will exclusively feature music that Rice has recorded over the course of his thirty-five year career in acoustic music. The band says that Tony has been an incredible influence not only on themselves, but also on an entire generation of bluegrass musicians who have grown up listening to his music.

And with so many great Rice recording to draw material from, Bary Bales says:

The hardest thing is not picking which songs to do ‚Äì it’s deciding which songs not to do‚Ķ

The 11 dates on this tour are spread across a total of six states and Washington DC. To find a show near you, visit the AKUS tour schedule.