A visit to the Woodbine Opry

One of the fun things about traveling around this great country is finding local music venues and local musicians. We found one such place a couple of years ago in Woodbine, Georgia. It is called the Woodbine Opry. It has been in operation for seventeen years. Friday night is bluegrass night, and Saturday night is country. Hoydt Drury runs the bluegrass nights. The program is supported by audience donations and a one time, paid ticket show, each year. The Little Roy and Lizzy Show will appear at that show this year.

We visited again this past Friday. There were musicians from Pennsylvania and Tennessee along with the local musicians. The best part of these small venues is seeing families perform together. Woodbine is no exception. Jack and Patti Bethune play and sing with their grandson, Jackson Bethune. Jackson played banjo, guitar, mandolin, and bass during the show. Little Roy Lewis brought Jackson on stage to play a banjo tune during the Jekyll Island Bluegrass festival.

We all should support local music venues in order for our young musicians to grow in the music. I know I will!