A very Bibey Christmas

Here is a Christmas memory from master mandolinist Alan Bibey, who performs with Grasstowne.

Alan BibeyI’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of great Christmas memories, but here are some of my earliest recollections.

Every Christmas as a kid was spent at my Grandparent’s. My Dad, my cousins and I would sit around jamming until time to eat, which ended up being hours if we got there early enough. I always pushed to get there as early as possible because we’d get previews of dinner while we played if we were real cool about it. Which I doubt I ever was BUT‚Ķ

Occasionally Papa or Granny would come in and ask us to play a particular tune but mainly we were playing because it was just so much fun!

Christmas always brings back memories of why I play to start with, and reminds me of what a great time we had back then, as well as what a great family I’ve been blessed with.