A banjo and a toolbench…

This Christmas wish comes from Debbie Mills, whose husband Allen is the patriarch of The Lost & Found. Her post was inspired by one we published several months ago – one of our most popular posts – about their 4 year old grandson, Zacrye, who made his debut with the band at the Floyd Country Store.

The Lost and Found - Scott Napier, Ronald Smith, Scotty Sparks, Allen Mills and Zacrye Porter, Allens grandson; photo ¬© Doug Thompson MediaSince Zacrye’s ‘concert’ with Lost & Found in Floyd, he has been asking for a banjo. We looked everywhere and could not find
a child sized version.

Allen went to see Darrell McCumbers, and he had a hand made banjo/mandolin combination, but he thought that would be confusing. I finally searched the internet one more time and found the perfect child banjo, and promptly ordered it. We will have to get it to him ahead of time, because if we wait until Christmas when my family gets together, all the other children will want to play it!

Zacrye saw Santa on November 29 and told him about wanting a banjo and a tool bench. About two days later, he asked his mom if he could write to Santa and tell him he would rather have a mandolin than a tool bench….oh well, grandma and grandpa will see he has one at least in time for his February 4th birthday!

My nephew, Jason Moore plays with Mountain Heart and his brother Darren plays with Jeremy Stephens and Cecil Hall at times. Darren has 3 year old twins that are crazy about the music too. Our family gets together on Christmas Eve and of course there is always music. My brothers and I both play, so with Allen, Jason, Darren and everyone singing….we just have a grand old time.

Of course, this will be our first Christmas without my Dad, who passed away in July, but one of his greatest legacies was passing along to us his love of Bluegrass music, and what better way to honor him than to carry on the tradition.

Happy holidays to all our friends and fans and we look forward to seeing you in 2008!

Deb & Allen Mills, Scottie Sparks, Ronald Smith and Scott Napier
The Lost & Found Band