The Gospel Side of Dailey & Vincent

Just announced yesterday, Rounder recording artists Dailey & Vincent will be releasing their next recording, a collection of gospel music titled The Gospel Side of Dailey & Vincent, to be available exclusively at all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Following the duo’s Statler Brothers tribute collection, which was not only a commercial success, but which also won critical acclaim and awards from IBMA, SPBGMA, as well as a Grammy nomination, Dailey & Vincent are pleased to team up again with Cracker Barrel to present their first all gospel recording. The recording will feature a mixture of Bluegrass, Southern, Traditional and Contemporary Gospel music, and will include familiar songs like Family Bible, Daddy Sang Bass and Noah Found Grace, and original compositions, Living In The Kingdom of God, written by Jamie Dailey, and Until At Last I’m Home, written by Darrin Vincent, Jim Britton and Brad Price.

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Jim has been playing the banjo, and other string instruments for nearly 40 years. Since joining the musicians union and becoming a performing musician at the age of 15, he won five West Virginia State Banjo Championships, as well as dozens of other competitions, and has taught hundreds of students. Jim was elected as Prosecuting Attorney for Lincoln County, WV in November 2012, and is an active touring performer with his wife and musical partner, Valerie. Learn more about their music at

  • Jared Ledford

    This has to be one of the most, if not the most anticipated albums of the year! The list of songs included on this new album is impressive and if you have seen a D&V show within the last year expect to hear on this album what you heard at the show! Get to your local Cracker Barrell Old Country Store to pick this one up on January 9, 2012!

  • I am sure that it will be a good (great?) album, but the Press Release errs inasmuch as it states that it is the duo’s first all-Gospel recording. The publicist forgets about ‘Singing From The Heart'(Rounder Records) when making that statement, despite mentioning it elsewhere in the PR.

  • Jared Ledford

    I was thinking the same as i have read quite a few statements that it would be Dailey & Vincent’s first all gospel album! I believe they are looking at this album being the first straight forward all gospel release as “Singing From The Heart” was an accepella release…I really think the new album will give a new layer of quality to their available material and I am really looking forward to it!