2023 Pigeon Forge Bluegrass Festival photos

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage at the 2023 Pigeon Forge Bluegrass Festival – photo © Laci Mack

Many thanks to Laci Mack who shared this terrific gallery of photos from the 2023 Pigeon Forge Bluegrass Festival, held at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN just ahead of last week’s World of Bluegrass convention.

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About the Author

Laci Mack

Laci Mack is a songwriter who found her passion for photojournalism in the bluegrass community. As a native of East Tennessee, Laci grew up playing bluegrass music and now passes on her love for the genre to her two children. With a passion for supporting artists, she started photo documenting the East Tennessee music scene. This led to working with Pluck It! Music Brand as their Marketing Director. This role allows her to work at music festivals nationwide selling the brand's bluegrass-themed merchandise while capturing photos of the artists performing. Some achievements including album covers such as Carley Arrowood and Dave Adkins. Check out www.PluckItMusicBrand.com for more info.