2007 SPBGMA Awards Nominees Announced

Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of AmericaThe Society for the Preservation of BlueGrass Music of America has announced the nominees for it’s 24th Annual Bluegrass Music Awards. The convention is scheduled to be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN on February 1-4, 2007.

In addition to the awards, the convention also features a showcase of bands, workshops, and trade exhibits by promoters and talent buyers, agencies, record companies, and more.

The hotel is usually jam packed. I mean that literally, walk in the front door and you’re in the middle of a jam. There are jams all over the hotel all weekend. If you are looking for a midwinter bluegrass event, this may be something you should consider attending.

You can find the band lineup and show schedule here.