Thailand Country Bluegrass Music Festival

Blue Mountain Boys - one of the bands appearing at the Thailand Country and Bluegrass Music FestivalA new festival has been announced for November of 2008, which the promoters describe as the first of its kind. The Thailand Country Bluegrass Music Festival will be held in Pakchong, about 100 miles northeast of Bangkok, November 1-3.

According to the festival organizer, Thanit Tanitapanee, there is a growing interest in country and bluegrass music – and “cowboy culture” – throughout Thailand, and he is hopeful of finding 1,000 people or more in attendance when the festival debuts later this year.

“Me and my friends are working to make it happen. Because we love country and bluegrass music and we like all the musicians and the bands to get their show on stage.

The Festival would be held in Pakchong (well known for the Khao Yai World Heritage Park) 160 Kms. from Bangkok. Pakchong now names ‘Cowboy Town.’ “

Tanitapanee invites any bands or musicians who would like to perform on the festival to either contact him by email, or post a note on the blog he has set up to promote the event. He is also eager to hear from potential sponsors for the festival.

Lets hope this is only the beginning for bluegrass fests in Thailand!

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