• $44K for Tony Rice so far

    We just got a good news/bad news update from Terry Pinkham. She and her husband, Jeff, are managing the grass-roots effort to raise money to assist Tony Rice with living expenses while he is trying to recover his voice, and

  • A Few More Words About Tony Rice

    This commentary is a contribution from Caroline Wright, in response to a number of comments to our previous articles about Tony Rice's financial difficulties, which suggest that he was unworthy of such assistance. Friends and neighbors and fellow guitar lovers, I'm

  • Tony Rice fund update

    Since we posted about the Tony Rice Foundation last Friday, we have had a number of questions from readers about this effort to raise money to help the legendary guitarist through a rough time. Several folks have thanked or congratulated us on

  • Time to give back to Tony Rice

    One of the things that newly-minted bluegrass fans often mention after their first encounters is the informal and accessible relationship between the artists and their fans. It's a rare show where the performers don't make themselves available for a brief

  • Steve Gulley is keeping busy

    David Morris had a nice chat with Steve Gulley last month in Raleigh, where they caught up on Steve's busy schedule and multiple projects going on this Fall. In addition, Steve's remarks about Tony Rice speaking at the Awards Show were

  • The Moment

    Award shows usually disappoint. There’s so much that can go wrong, and even when things go right, the most that can often be said afterward is that awards were handed out and—in the case of the IBMA award show—music was

  • Tony Rice speaks

    There have been very few moments during the many years of IBMA Award Shows quite so poignant as Tony Rice's acceptance speech this past Thursday night when he was inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. Despite a bit of

  • Photos from the awards show

    We have hundreds of photos from last night's award show, and have a team going through them this morning. There will be multiple galleries going up soon. We did, however, want to share this one image right away. Milo Farineua captured

  • The Night Grown Men Cried

    It was the night you could have heard a pin drop. The night grown men cried. The night Tony Rice spoke, in a normal voice, for the first time in nearly two decades. There were many awards presented to many deserving recipients on