• Tom T. & Dixie Hall interview

    Last month we told you about the new CD release from Tom T. Hall entitled, Tom T. Hall sings Miss Dixie & Tom T. You can read our story about the CD here. Over the weekend our friend, and fellow blogger,

  • Music of Coal

    Music of Coal: Mining Songs from the Appalachian Coalfields is a new two-CD box set released by the Lonesome Pine Office on Youth here in Virginia. The set contains 48 songs covering topics from coal mining history to union organization. The

  • Tom T. sings Dixie and Tom T.

    With all the support the bluegrass world has received from Tom T. and Dixie Hall this past few years, many have wondered when Tom T. might release a bluegrass project himself. Not only had the songwriting duo contributed dozens of

  • Carolina Road the CD

    Here's a CD release that slipped under the radar the end of last month. Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road have released a new self-titled CD, Carolina Road. The recording is on the Blue Circle Records label and was released on

  • Good News From the IBMA

    Tom T. and Dixie Hall announced Wednesday that they have placed the IBMA in their will. At some point, hopefully in the distant future the IBMA will become owners of Good Home Grown Music the Hall's Publishing Company. Tom T.and Dixie