• Leaving Cleveland from The Tim Raybon Band

    Pinecastle Records has released a new single from The Tim Raybon Band, their first since being rechristened as such after performing as Merle Monroe for several years. Tim grew up singing alongside his brother, Marty, their older brother Ricky, and Kenny,

  • Merle Monroe is now The Tim Raybon Band

    Merle Monroe, the popular bluegrass band founded by Tim Raybon and Daniel Grindstaff, is rebranding as The Tim Raybon Band going into 2022. It's not as a result of any fallout between Tim and Daniel, or Daniel leaving the group, as

  • Merle Monroe signs with Pinecastle

    Pinecastle Records has announced the signing of a new bluegrass act, Merle Monroe, consisting of a pair of veterans coming together to share the particular kind of music they love best. The two principals are Tim Raybon, long time grasser and