• Grandpa’s Way of Life from The Spinneys

    No Borders from The Spinney Brothers isn't due until May 7, but Mountain Fever Records has released a single to radio this week. It's Grandpa's Way of Life, a new Brink Brinkman song that perfectly fits the band's kind of traditional

  • Monroeville set for IBMM schools program in 2013

    The International Bluegrass Music Museum has Monroeville scheduled for their 2013 Bluegrass In The Schools program. Between January 7-18, the band will perform in 25 northwestern Kentucky schools, introducing students to the uniquely American music to which their state has

  • Who are these Spinney Brothers anyway?

    Just where did Mountain Fever recording artists, leading traditional Canadian bluegrassers and late-night bear hunters The Spinney Brothers come from anyway? 2011 brought these genial Nova Scotians to the attention of traditional bluegrass fans in the USA. Banjoist Rick Spinney makes

  • Close call for The Spinney Brothers

    Canada's Spinney Brothers encountered a hazard to navigation last night when they had almost made it home from several dates in the US. One of the furry woodland creatures stepped out into the road and nearly put an end to the

  • Single hits from The Spinney Brothers

    Canada's Spinney Brothers have a new single, the title track from their upcoming Memories album, due March 13 on Mountain Fever Records. The group is fronted by Allan Spinney on guitar and brother Rick on banjo, singing in the classic brother