• Love We Left Behind from The Drifters

    Here's some more tuneful, feel-good music from The Farewell Drifters. It's another track from their newly-released project, Yellow Tag Mondays. This time, we have Love We Left Behind, written by Joshua and Clayton Britt. The brothers talk about the song, about

  • Everyone Is Talking – Farewell Drifters

    The 5th installment in The Farewell Drifters' video series for their upcoming Yellow Tag Mondays CD release is out. It's an introduction to Zach Bevill's song, Everyone Is Talking, which was featured in a music video earlier this year. Zach explains

  • For No One from the Drifters

    Here's the latest episode in The Farewell Drifters' video track-by-track series, created to introduce the music from their upcoming CD, Yellow Tag Mondays. Last week I accused them of a Beatlesque flair in their original song, Sunnyside Drive, and looky here...

  • Sunnyside Drive from The Farewell Drifters

    Here is the third video preview from Yellow Tag Mondays, the upcoming album by The Farewell Drifters. This time, it's Sunnyside Drive, an autobiographical sketch from the musical brothers Britt (Joshua and Clayton). The song is yet another relentlessly cheerful Drifters

  • Farewell Drifters, episode 2

    The second episode in The Farewell Drifters' song-by-song video countdown is out, offering a new track overview each week from their upcoming CD, Yellow Tag Mondays, due June 8. This week we get a taste of track #5, All We Need,

  • Song-By-Song with The Farewell Drifters

    The Farewell Drifters have decided to use video introduce the music from their upcoming CD, Yellow Tag Mondays. They will drop one each week leading up to the album's June 8 release. Here's the first, for River Song. This one has

  • Farewell Drifters on Says You!

    We just heard from Zack Bevill with The Farewell Drifters, who had a number of tidbits to share with our readers. First off, he mentioned that their next CD is finished, and is being mastered next week. Zack wasn't sure whether