• California Report: Snap Jackson

    Snap Jackson and his band, the Knock on Wood Players, are an award-winning acoustic quartet hailing from Stockton, California. They blend Americana, bluegrass, soul, and old-time music and have been featured on the same bill with notable acts such as

  • Northern California Bluegrass Award winners announced

    Here's an interesting twist on the ongoing battle between bluegrass traditionalists and big-tenters. At this past weekend's Northern California Bluegrass Awards in Redwood City (just south of San Francisco), there was a tie in the balloting for Best Bluegrass Band. The vote was

  • Another bluegrass baby

    We heard last night from Snap Jackson that he and his wife, Erin, are celebrating the birth of their first child. Milo Sebastian was born last Tuesday, and Snap wasted no time getting him into appropriate bluegrass attire, as the picture to the

  • Kaleidoscope – Snap Jackson

    Antonio Borrego III just doesn't have the right ring for a bluegrass/old time performer, even in northern California. So the young man who developed a fascination with the music just six short years ago became Snap Jackson, and has released a