• Sara Watkins talks new Nickel Creek album

    With their amazingly adventurous new album, Celebrants, Nickel Creek makes a dynamic return, one that marks a full nine years after their last offering, A Dotted Line, an album which, in turn, arrived a full nine years after its predecessor,

  • BP spills bluegrass along the Gulf Coast

    We all recall the localized devastation of communities along the US coast of the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig in April 2010, and the resulting discharge of nearly 5 million barrels of

  • Ed Helms and the L.A. Bluegrass Situation

    We've  written before about Ed Helms (of The Office) and his love for bluegrass music. Not content merely to be a lone banjo player in L.A., Helms decided it was time to put together a bluegrass music event in Hollywood. Partnering

  • Transatlantic Sessions 2010

    Our friends in the UK are in for a treat soon, as the Transatlantic Sessions present the sounds of great music created by acoustic musicians from both sides of the pond. The Transatlantic Sessions are put together by the Celtic Connections

  • Songwriter Q&A with Sara Watkins

    American Songwriter recently interviewed former Nickel Creek fiddler, Sara Watkins. Watkins just released her first, self-titled, solo project. The interview takes the form of a question and answer session. Some attention is given to songwriting, but much of the discussion concerned

  • Sara Watkins to Nonesuch

    Nonesuch Records has announced that the debut solo project for former Nickel Creek fiddler and vocalist Sara Watkins will be released in April 7, 2009. The CD was produced by John Paul Jones, and will include guest spots from former