• Fretliners win 2023 RockyGrass band contest

    Last month's 51st annual RockyGrass festival in Lyon's CO included their long-running band and individual instrument competitions, which also started back in 1973. The festival draws a good many entrants as prizes include brand new instruments as well as cash. The

  • Photos from RockyGrass 2023

    Lindsay Lou and Molly Tuttle with Peter Rowan at RockyGrass 2023 - photo © Kevin Slick These fine photos from RockyGrass 2023 come from Kevin Slick, a Colorado-based bluegrass performer, photographer, graphic designer, and former President of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society.

  • More photos from RockyGrass 2022

    Ashby Frank and Shawn Camp with The Earls of Leicester at RockyGrass 2022 - photo by Kevin Slick This report with photos from the 50th annual RockyGrass Festival is a contribution from Kevin Slick, Colorado bluegrass and visual artist, and President

  • Photos from Friday at RockyGrass 2022

    The Wildmans kick off the 2022 RockyGrass Festival - photo by Maya Benko The 50th annual RockyGrass Festival has begun in Lyons, CO with performers and music lovers traveling from all over the US to be a part of this beloved

  • Photos from RockyGrass 2021

    The Del McCoury Band at RockyGrass 2021 - photo by Kevin Slick This RockyGrass 2021 report is a contribution from Kevin Slick, President of The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society, and an avid picker and photographer in the region. RockyGrass returned to Lyons,

  • Photos from RockyGrass 2019

    Chris Luquette and Frank Solivan of Dirty Kitchen at the 2019 RockyGrass Festival - photo by Kevin Slick Thanks to Kevin Slick, President of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society, for sharing these photos from the 47th annual RockyGrass Festival in Lyons,