• Introducing Bill Faster

    Here's another new band to add to roster of bluegrass acts. Bill Faster is composed of four young musicians from the Slovak Republic. Dusan Hronic plays guitar, Michael Barok is on mandolin, Richard Cifersky on banjo, and Anton Naroda on bass.

  • January Mountain Tour 2013

    Last month, Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley spent two weeks in Europe, from January 22 through February 4. Billed as the January Mountain tour, they started out in Slovakia, where they hooked up with their band for the duration:

  • Sing Me Home from Dawn Kenney

    The first time I heard Dawn Kenney sing, at an IBMA song circle two years ago, I so desperately wished I wasn’t next to perform. I don’t remember what I played or sang that night, but I guarantee I didn’t

  • From Song Circle to Carnegie Hall

    One of the best parts about IBMA’s World of Bluegrass conference is you never know who you’ll meet around the next corner, or who will show up playing in a throw-together band. Two years ago, I dropped by an after-hours showcase