• No Chris Thile at IBMA?

    Each year when the IBMA Awards nominations are announced, there are a couple of glaring absences in the roll call. For 2008, neither Cherryholmes nor any members of Punch Brothers were nominated, and Punch received only a single nomination, for

  • Noam Pikelny on Chicago TV

    WTTW channel 11 in Chicago recently aired a brief (7:30 in length) news story about Noam Pikelny of Punch Brothers. The piece ran as part of their Chicago Tonight programing. The piece is essentially a short biographical work about Noam. It

  • Punch Brothers strike out

    Well... the vote is in and Punch Brothers were defeated in the ESPN Baseball Tonight band competition by country singer Gretchen Wilson. The contest was in honor of the 100th anniversary of the venerable Take Me Out To The Ballgame,

  • Punch Brothers make the playoffs

    The Punch Brothers have advanced to the final three in the ESPN's Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Battle of the Bands. The Brothers are now competing against Gretchen Wilson and Ozomatli for the top spot. You can still vote

  • Vote for Punch Brothers on ESPN

    Brance posted a few weeks back about the online fan poll on ESPN's Baseball Tonight web site to choose among nine new versions of the venerable diamond classic, Take Me Out To The Ballgame. The competition was arranged to mark the

  • Punch Brothers baseball video

    While we're on this bluegrass/baseball theme, here is the video of Punch Brothers performing Take Me Out To The Ballgame on ESPN's Baseball Tonight show on June 18 which Brance posted about on Tuesday. Their take on the song is part

  • Punch Brothers : Take Me Out To The Ballgame

    Mandolin master Chris Thile has had a long love affair with America's favorite pastime. Thile's great-great-grandfather is Baseball Hall of Famer, Sam Thompson. Thile himself, at one time, hoped to be a ball player. His first solo CD, Leading Off,

  • Punch Brothers video at FolkAlley.com

    Video from a Punch Brothers Concert for Folk Alley has been posted online. The show was recorded on April 2 in Kent, OH and both sets of music can be viewed at FolkAlley.com The concert contains a complete performance of The

  • Punch Brothers at berklee.edu

    Our friend Dave Hollender gave us a nice report last month after Chris Thile and Punch Brothers offered a clinic at the Berklee College of Music in Boston on April 7. Dave shared some photos and a nice run down

  • 10 Things You May Not Know About Punch

    That's the title of a clever and revealing post published yesterday on the Punch Brothers blog. The concept is a "fun facts" sort of thing, providing both musical and personal insights that relate to their recent CD, Punch, and its