• Lots o’ grass on Music City Roots

    Tonight's (2/6) edition of Music City Roots will feature a bluegrass-centric lineup. They are billing the show as Bluegrass and Friends, since two of the shows acts will be billed in that fashion. Jon Weisberger & Friends will feature the noted

  • Clint Hurd to Newtown

    NewTown has announced that Clint Hurd has joined the band on mandolin, taking the spot vacated by James Kee when he departed at the end of 2012. Clint has done a pair of shows with the band, and will be

  • James Kee leaving Newtown

    We've received a couple of missives from NewTown regarding a personnel change within the band. Over the past 5 years NewTown has been fortunate enough to travel the country experiencing some of the finest musical events in the country. Together we

  • WorldWideBluegrass.com fundraiser October 27

    Terry Poirier will be hosting a fundraiser for WorldWideBluegrass.com in Lexington, KY on October 27. WorldWideBluegrass (WWB) broadcasts bluegrass 24/7 online with a mix of hosted and automated content. In addition to playing bass with Kati Penn & Newtown, Terry hosts

  • NewTown Does It Their Way

    Many new bands throw a recording project together, use it to reach promoters and hit the road to perform and sell copies. Kati Penn and NewTown took a different approach – touring and playing for three years, honing their craft

  • Water Under The Bridge from NewTown

    NewTown, formerly Kati Penn & Newtown, have released a first single to radio from their upcoming, self-titled album. The new record won't ship until December 1, but bluegrass radio can now download the single, Water Under The Bridge, from Airplay