• Powerlines video from Mustered Courage

    Aussie grassers Mustered Courage have released a concept video for the title track of their latest album, Powerlines. It's an animated piece by Melbourne artist Simon Howe, who merges the band's singing heads with a steampunk visual theme. The guys say that

  • Powerlines – Mustered Courage

    Most artists who make the leap from another genre to bluegrass come from country, old time, or perhaps Christian/Gospel music. It’s not often you hear of a bluegrass band that started out in hip-hop, but for Australian group Mustered Courage,

  • Standing By Your Side from Mustered Courage

    Aussie grassers Mustered Courage are using the occasion of their new CD, Powerlines, to release a music video for the opening track, Standing By Your Side. They employ a clever concept, with the band members posing as colorful street characters

  • Cruel Alibis video from Mustered Courage

    It's been a year and a half since we heard from modern grassers Mustered Courage. At that time, the four young Australians had just released their debut album and, since then, they have been touring aggressively and working on a follow-up project. The

  • Mustered Courage from Down Under

    I have thought a lot (and written a bit) about the "bluegrass" music being created by young string players whose impressions of its boundaries are shaped by the growing jamgrass scene, and the popularity of such groups as Punch Brothers,