• Molly Cherryholmes to Mountain Heart

    The newly-reformed Mountain Heart has announced a change to their lineup. Founding member Jim VanCleve won't be participating with the group, who has a new opportunity he is pursuing. Stepping in will be Molly Cherryholmes, the southpaw fiddler from the Cherryholmes family

  • Josh Shilling Letting Go video

    We've written before about Letting Go, the debut solo project from Mountain Heart vocalist Josh Shilling. And as Josh has mentioned in previous posts, this isn't a bluegrass record, though it does feature contributions from notable grassers like Shilling's bandmate Aaron

  • Corporation Insania

    We wrote last month about the final live performance of Cherryholmes, the powerhouse family band that rocked the bluegrass scene this past few years. After 10 years of running the roads, and seeing the quartet of talented siblings grow into

  • Cherryholmes in the studio

    Cherryholmes is starting the new year working on a new CD for Skaggs Family Records. Banjo player Cia Cherryholmes tells us that they will get started in the studio this week, working once again with Ben Isaacs producing. "It's looking like it's