• Moneyland – special collectors edition

    The folks at McCoury Music have come up with an interesting special pre-release offer for their Moneyland CD, sure to appeal to the most extreme Del heads among us. Due July 8, Moneyland is a concept project, using songs to make

  • McCoury Music – Moneyland

    Music has long been a medium for the expression of social comment. This is certainly so in country music, if less so within bluegrass. Also, most of the genre's progenitors and many from later generations have come from a rural

  • A few more Grammy notes…

    As we ponder the results of the 2008 Grammies - and breathe a sigh of relief that Cherryholmes didn't have to worry about being photographed with Amy Winehouse - there are yet a few more stories that bear mentioning. On Saturday,

  • Hag still miffed by Grammy snub

    We ran the story in November '07 when the nominating committee for the Grammy Awards determined that the latest Merle Haggard CD, The Bluegrass Sessions, was despite its title, not eligible for consideration in their Best Bluegrass Album category. By

  • Haggard talks bluegrass on NPR

    National Public Radio's afternoon news and information show, All Things Considered, featured an interview with Merle Haggard yesterday (1/3) about his 2007 release, The Bluegrass Sessions. The Hag spoke with Melissa Block about his life at 70 years old and his

  • Grammy committee says Hag is not bluegrass

    The nominating committee for the National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences, who distribute the Grammy Awards each year, decided yesterday that the new release from Merle Haggard, titled The Bluegrass Sessions would not be eligible for Grammy consideration in

  • Haggard talks bluegrass with Sun-Times

    Today's (9/30) edition of The Chicago Sun-Times has an interview with Merle Haggard, primarily about his upcoming CD release, The Bluegrass Sessions, due out this coming Tuesday (10/2) on McCoury Music. In the interview, the Sun-Times' Dave Hoekstra talks with the

  • Haggard bluegrass session video online

    McCoury Music has now posted an online video of the first recording session for his upcoming release, The Bluegrass Sessions, which we posted about a few days ago. The video shows Hag recording Holding Things Together with Aubrey Haynie, Marty Stuart,

  • Haggard tracks available online

    McCoury Music has made audio samples available online from their upcoming Merle Haggard CD, The Bluegrass Sessions. It is an all-acoustic project, produced by Ronnie Reno, with both Haggard songs and others he selected to sing to mark this new

  • Haggard and bluegrass and Krauss… oh my!

    Billboard is reporting a couple of new bits of information about the upcoming Merle Haggard acoustic/bluegrass CD we had told you about late last year. We had reported that this new recording would feature Hag and some of Nashville's top