• Acoustic Overdubs in Nashville

    Stop me if you've heard this story before... A talented young bluegrass picker makes a name for themself with regional groups, gets a shot at touring with some bigger acts, and moves to Nashville. Bigger things start to happen musically, but

  • Gold Heart – My Sisters And Me

    Gold Heart is another of the official IBMA showcase acts invited to perform at the 2009 World Of Bluegrass. They will perform on the Monday night event at 8:30 p.m., following the Keynote address from Pete Fisher of The Grand

  • Tina Adair – back with a new band

    Tina Adair made quite a name for herself in bluegrass before many performers her age had played their first show. Her family band, The Adairs, won the 1996 Pizza Hut Bluegrass Showdown when Tina was 17 years old, and within

  • Ryan Roberts to Special C

    This just in from Greg Cahill, founder and fearless leader of Special Consensus... Justin Carbone is leaving the band at the end of September! His final performance as a Special C member will be at the Denton, NC festival on September

  • Gold Heart signs with Rural Rhythm

    Here comes Gold Heart - the latest sister act to take bluegrass music by storm. This trio of young siblings - Analise (19), Jocelyn (16) and Shelby (13) Gold - has been turning heads and pricking up ears this past two

  • Unplugged Demos

    We told you two weeks ago about Thomas Wywrot joining the Isaacs on banjo and guitar, and we have just heard from departing member Troy Engle with some news of his current endeavors. His is a story familiar to a good