• Rock House Entertainment launches from KY

    There's another new artist management agency in the bluegrass world. Jamie Dean and Joey Jones of Cumberland River have launched a new venture, Rock House Entertainment, to provide booking, publicity, media assistance, and management services for bluegrass bands. Cumberland River made

  • Music from Justified

    Today (1/8/13) marks the season premiere of Justified, one of the few television dramas I follow week to week. I discovered the show two years ago quite by chance, when an episode began after something else I had on. In

  • Cumberland River and Justified on WNYC

    Cumberland River's Jamie Dean will be on WNYC's Soundcheck program Thursday afternoon, along with Greg Still, Music Supervisor for TNT's popular Justified series. The pair will visit with host John Schaefer to talk about the show, and of course the contributions

  • Cumberland River on Justified tonight

    This evening (1/17) marks the season debut of Justified on the FX television network. The show has been discussed several times at Bluegrass Today as its theme and soundtrack have incorporated bluegrass music since the program first launched in 2010. Prominent

  • New season – and new video – for Justified

    Kentucky's Cumberland River has profited handsomely from their close association with Justified, the FX network's popular television crime drama. The show is a modern-day western, set in notorious Harlan County, the band's hometown, and they had the opportunity to perform

  • Video shoots for Cumberland River

    This past weekend, the guys from Cumberland River trekked to Harlan, Kentucky to shoot not one, but two music videos in the sweltering heat. Anthony Ladd of Kneelindesign served as director and videographer, with Penni McDaniel of Hope River Entertainment as

  • Cumberland River on Justified tonight

    We've posted a few times about the FX original program Justified, and the bluegrass-tinged music they use during the show's soundtrack. It started with Rench, a hip hop artist who (as Ganstagrass) incorporates bluegrass elements in his music beds. He landed

  • Cumberland River Band does Justified

    Cumberland River Band will be celebrating a major milestone next month, when their music is featured on the FX television series Justified. The show is something of a modern day Western, set in rural Kentucky, and starring Timothy Olyphant as

  • Gangstagrass nominated for Emmy

    The hip-hop/bluegrass mashup known as Gangstagrass has been nominated for an Emmy. The Gangstagrass track Long Hard Times To Come serves as the theme song to the FX series Justified. The track has been nominated for an Emmy in the category

  • Gangstagrass returns with new CD

    Brance has posted a couple of times about Gangstagrass, the brainchild of New York artist Rench. His concept involves mixing the acoustic sound of bluegrass instruments and rhythms with hip hop beats and rhymes. It may not please purists in